This book originated as a dream. Usually, I’d have written about it in my I’m A Dreamer blog before turning it into a book, but the back-story of this one is really seeming to flow of its own accord. This dream was very… different from every other dream I’ve ever had. I say that often in I’m A Dreamer, but that is because I usually only post the dreams that are the strangest. The reason this dream was different is because it was controller-based. That sounds weird, I know, but I was literally using an Xbox 360 controller to move around, pick stuff up, and even open a treasure chest. It was kind of cool after I thought about it for a while. I’ve never dreamed of being in control so literally before.

Tigers. Tigers that walk on their hind legs, and have hands instead of front paws. I’ve never written something with characters like those (not exactly anyway). The main character is a Gnarra (pronounced like nar-ra, the G is silent) – a two legged tiger-people who’ve dwelt in their forest of Sinai (Pronounced like si-nigh) for hundreds of years. The Gnarra have a single leader, a Quan-Gnarra (pronounced together like quannarra). This leader has but a single apprentice at a time, teaching him or her for many years in the ways of magic and of the “outer lands”. This teaching is essential if the apprentice is to survive in the “outer lands” away from the Gnarran forest.

Once a Gnarra graduates from this apprenticeship, he or she gains the honorific title/prefix Que-Gnarra (pronounced like Q-narra ) and shortly afterward they begin a journey into the “outer lands” as a kind of rite of passage. If the Que-Gnarra returns, and the previous Quan-Gnarra agrees to step down, the apprentice would become master, as well as inherit the title of Quan-Gnarra and become leader of their people.

But! If the previous Quan-Gnarra doesn’t approve and step down, the returning apprentice has the right to challenge the Quan-Gnarra to a fight to the death with the surviving winner left to lead the people! However, it is the peaceful end that Liam Gnarra III is in search of, and it is only through great physical and mental trials that he will survive the means. Take a leap, read a chapter, and you might just land on all fours!!

This is one of three books in the Aorix Series, the other of which that I am currently working on is Falcar : Atrau. The two books, along with Elemental : Yuri (which hasn’t been started yet), will have similarities and some overlap before they finally converge into one last book. Check out the other book and let me know what you think! Thanks for reading!


Ch. One

Ch. Two


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